After the long, but pleasant since it was mostly above ground, subway ride I arrived in Coney Island and made my way to the Coney Island Museum. On the ride there I was surprised by the number of tourists that were taking the time to visit the amusement park on a Very Windy and Cold October Day but there they were. After I delivered my drawing to the museum Marie Roberts comp’d me a visit so I spent some time upstairs looking at the displays recording the history of the area.

I was hoping to be able to sketch outside and I was – for a time. As I was walking along the side street towards the beach I spotted this back view of the amusement park and since the museum building was blocking the wind I attempted a quick drawing of the Wonder Wheel. It was twirling around, full of freezing tourists.

On the boardwalk the wind was surprisingly mild, the sun was shining bright and there were warm spots. I found a protected place with a view under one of the amusement park’s entrances and did another drawing.

I walked around for a bit – so many things to sketch – but by now my fingers were icy cold and it was getting late. Time to go.

(I took photos which I referred to later at home when I added color.)

iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus.
Apps Used: #1 Sketch Club; #2 Finngr Pro and ArtRage