I walked past my jacket that has been hanging on a hook thingy attached to the side of the fireplace for the past six months instead of in the closet which is a couple of feet away, noticed it, and decided this was a subject to draw with the wrong hand. I took it into the den and hung it on the standing fan which I have not put away yet.

I used the same three apps as yesterday but I bent my rules a bit. No razzmatazz or bells and whistles. Just simple things. The Finngr Pro (#1) drawing was so extremely dull that I went back and added more black; in (#2) the Sketch Club drawing I allowed myself to paint on one layer and put the background on a third layer. I was losing patience with trying to get neat edges with my other hand; and (#3) was drawn using Pen & Ink but by then I was getting bored and couldn’t stand the thought of fighting with painting it in that free version of the app, which only has one gray, that I imported it into ArtRage to paint and ended up also using crayons to scribble. The last one is my favorite. I never scribble with my correct hand and maybe I should.

What I discovered: my jacket has more personality than a bowl of apples.

This one seems tired, at that time in middle-age when you seem to be invisible.

This one has an attitude. Maybe even a bit sassy. Flirtatious. Kinda pleased that it has gotten away with hanging out in the kitchen where things are happening.

Despite the scribbles, this one seems more serious, grown up, deserves to be in the closet so it can prepare for the coming chilly autumnal mornings.

iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus.
Apps Used: Finngr Pro, Sketch Club, Pen & Ink, ArtRage