The other day, Friday, I was comparing some of my after adventure wrong- handed drawings with my pre adventure correct handed drawings and noticed they were very similar (exactly the same??) It crossed my mind that perhaps the app I was using, Finngr Pro, had something to do with it. This particular app is very basic and simple, no bells and whistles, limited palette, no undo or eraser and not very much control while drawing. That being said, I love drawing with it. I can sketch quickly knowing it is impossible, for me, to get fussy. I’ve learned how to overcome the lack of an eraser by painting over it with gray. I pretty much always take the drawing into ArtRage to add color because I really like painting in it and the choice of colors is infinite.

Today, Saturday, I set up a still life (brought the bowl of fruit into another room) and sketched/painted it using three different apps.

Finngr Pro

Sketched and painted in the app.

Sketch Club

In this app the only thing I took advantage of was drawing on one layer and painting on another. I used pen to draw and one brush to paint.

Pen & Ink

I have the free version of this and I generally only do the drawing (allows for very fast sketching and detail) in this app and then add color in ArtRage. This time I drew, painted, which covered up the drawing, has limited color choices, were just a big hassle for me and then redrew the lines. I used pen, pencil and the middle brush.

Conclusion. I don’t know. You judge. I did notice that in all three there wasn’t a problem sketching. Maybe a bit wobbly here or there. I wasn’t able to get the whole still life in the 2nd & 3rd drawings even though it was my intention. When I wasn’t able to in Sketch Club I tried, in Pen & Ink, to be careful but wasn’t able to. In neither case did I erase and start over. I’m a fan of cropping anyway. Redrawing the black lines over the painting was easy in Finngr Pro but not in Pen & Ink. I could not control where my hand was placing the lines.

I took all three into ArtRage where I put them on rough paper and added a black background. The whole experiment took 2 hours and 45 minutes. My correct hand lay quietly in my lap.

I have no idea what would happen with pencil and paper but that’s for another day.

iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus.
Apps Used: Finngr Procreate, Sketch Club, Pen & Ink