I had a 1:00 appointment so decided to have lunch in Panera since it was on the way. I purposely chose the little table next to a threesome – two knitters and one needlepointer – even though they were loudly chatting away – I saw the potential for a wrong-handed sketch. A bunch of men, I overheard them tell someone they were a club, sat around a table not too far away. Panera seems to be a social hotbed on Monday’s.

I assumed that I would be spending a whole lot of time in the orthopedic office simply because I only made the appointment a few days prior and was being squeezed in so I had iPat (free strong wifi signal) and a novel to keep me amused. The receptionist filled in my forms since, at that time, I still had the cast on and my thumb was nowhere to be seen. I took a seat across from a grumpy fat old man filling out forms and his meek appearing trying-to-appease-him wife, whipped out the iPad, started drawing wrong-handed and I was immediately called into the exam room. So much for sketching to pass the time. There was no time.

My thumb finally made an appearance after we got our cock up splint prescription filled and kept busy by reacquainting itself with the fingers.

iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus.
Apps Used: Finngr Pro and ArtRage
(I seem to be able to print wrong-handed on Finngr Pro but cannot do it on actual paper. Does my brain think it is still drawing?)