On this day I was meeting up with the NYC Urban Sketchers. It was going to be a long, busy day, not ending until 7pm, the forecast was for Very Hot (it was), so I made sure I ate a good breakfast while I was in, where else, Penn Station. Needed all the energy I could get.

I walked to the meeting place, Alwyn Court, a Mucho Decorative apartment building located on W58th and Seventh Avenue. You all can Google it and see what I mean because, when I arrived and saw it in person, I greeted the other busy sketchers, crossed 7th and sat on my little stool, back to the Alwyn, and sketched a bit of a Deli and impressed the guy who made sure no one stole the flowers or fruit.

Mark came and gave me the heads up that the lunchtime break was imminent so I finished up with the deli and joined the others who were still sketching. I positioned my stool against the building (obvious avoidance of ornate architecture) and sketched a sketcher. Behind her, across Seventh Ave., is the shop that is to the left of my deli. A tourist stopped in front of me and snapped my pic – I’m an official tourist destination now.

We walked over to Central Park (a few of us picked up food from Whole Foods at Columbus Circle) and sat in the grass (on our stools mostly) facing a picturesque bridge which I might have sketched if I wasn’t so busy eating. Instead, I asked Michael, who had finished his sketching and was lounging around, if he would stay still for “2 minutes”.

Our next stop was Carnegie Hall and then Millionaire’s Row where I drew in the two remaining panels of the Met pamphlet (remember Met Pamphlet a,b,c,d?) from earlier this month. But the end part of the day will come first, tomorrow, since I haven’t scanned the pamphlet drawings yet. Stay tuned.

iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus.
Apps Used: #1 ArtRage only; #2,3,4 Sketch Club and ArtRage