Today started at Neue Galerie, 86th just off Fifth Avenue, to see “Russian Modernism: Cross-Currents of German and Russian Art, 1907-1917” with Benedicte and Shirley. Before that exhibit we stopped on a lower floor to see again “Gustav Klimt and Adele Bloch-Bauer: The Woman in Gold”. You can never see this painting too many times. Really. I don’t have the vocabulary – has to be seen.

Russian Modernism was on an upper floor. I expected to enjoy it but was not sure if there would be enough pieces to satisfy me. I was overjoyed to find rooms filled with paintings and works on paper. I wanted to copy Every Single One! Just up my alley.

How could I resist a Kirchner woodcut. I couldn’t. Even though I was kinda sorta blocking passage – the print was right by the entry to the room – no one took me up on my offer to move out of the way and the guard was interested in watching. (By the way – I’ve been here twice and the guards are noticeably nice, even kind.)

I walked through the other rooms, loving everything, making mental notes of things to go back to. Trying to decide what to copy.

Oh no. My companions were hungry and, ready to leave. Huh? I was counting on them to be sketching away. Miscalculation. We took a last look as we walked through a room and they headed to one of the paintings I Really Wanted To Copy So Badly (they didn’t know this) and started to draw the ducks on the bottom. I quickly whipped open iPat and started copying the section I was interested in. They finished and gave me five more minutes and went to look at the books in the shop. Phew. I didn’t have time for the two women standing in front of the house on the opposite shore of the pond (darn) but I was satisfied.

Lunch was in a diner on Madison Avenue, then we walked to the Metropolitan to visit the exhibition “Sargent: Portraits of Artists and Friends”. A unanimous decision was made to get ice cream cones first, and, in 95°, sit under an umbrella in front of the museum. Our concentration was so intense that not one iota of ice cream dripped. I enjoyed the exhibit more than I expected. The cards next to each portrait were actually quite interesting (!!), the few drawings were extraordinary, the paintings were beyond amazing, but, there were sooo many of them. I was falling asleep, my feet hurt and I had reached the Too Many Portraits Already phase of my museum visit so I sat on a bench and, purely so I wouldn’t actually sleep, I copied one of Sargent’s paintings.

(Aside: I spent Sunday and Monday in the city, lotsa fun, very hot, and sketched like crazy. The days are going to be out of order simply because.)

iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus.
Apps Used: 1&2 Finngr Pro; 3 Sketch Club; ArtRage