I left Union Square Park via the 4 train, got off at Bowling Green and walked along the Hudson River until I arrived at the Figure al Fresco meeting area in South Cove. Shirley, Benedicte and even Jannette were there already but the benches were full so I sat across from them until the model arrived. Oh phooey! It was The Model I Am Unable To Draw Anymore (I don’t feel badly about this because I’ve been able to over the past years but she bores me silly, even the one minute poses, and, watching the body language of some of the other sketchers I realized I wasn’t alone). So I said goodbye to everyone, and continued walking north along the river to see where I would end up. I had a coffee and expensively yummy yogurt in a food court with a view of a marina and then walked along West Broadway until I reached the 1 Subway at Chambers Street.

In Penn Station my train wasn’t listed on the board so I found a seat and sketched the commuters (my hobby). Hmm. A lot of time is passing. Trains were going everywhere but none to my station. I just kept sketching. It’s a good thing I looked up – almost missed it.

Sketched on location; colored later at home

Pamphlet from the Met (rec’d in mail)
gesso; pencil and/or Sharpie Ultra Fine pen; Pitt brush pens;