People are always telling me they don’t have any idea on how to draw on a iPad. Well, it’s as easy as just idle doodling and realizing that you can’t break (or spill) anything. Soon, maybe not the first time, things will happen. Just tap another button, draw some more and explore whatever the app has to offer and if that particular one annoys you, and I find a lot of the more touted apps have things that drive me crazy, get another one. I like to draw using Finngr Pro and I like to add color using ArtRage. Drawing in ArtRage can be nice but is not quick enough for me. Commuters don’t sit still long enough so I have to be fast. Sketch Club is also good to draw with but I never warmed up to painting with it. I do love it’s pallet arrangement though. Art Set Pro has luscious oil paint (but I can’t stand the arrangement of the pallet) which makes me wish I knew all the painting tricks but I will learn. And the list goes on. Remember, the only way to break something while experimenting with drawing apps is if you drop the iPad on the sidewalk.

iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus.
Apps Used: Sketch Club and ArtRage and a bit of collage.