#25 I found this right in the same display where I discovered the aquamanile I sketched a few weeks ago. I never noticed it hanging there at the time.
Lion mask door pull, ca. 1425–50
Germany; Nuremberg; Copper alloy
From a card on the wall, in the Met, next to the door pull: “Door pulls in the form of lion masks were a feature of many medieval churches throughout the Middle Ages. Such pulls functioned not only as decorative door hardware but also as sanctuary rings, symbols of the protection the church offered to those fleeing legal prosecution and other dangers.”

#26 & 27 I didn’t have to go traipsing very far to find these items.

Drawn from direct observation. EDiJuly=Every Day in July, Playing Cards, acrylic painted background, Sharpie Ultra Fine, Fine and/or Medium pens; Pitt Brush Pens; commercial alphabet and number stamps.