#22 I found this small statue in one of the galleries at the Met. First I made a practice sketch since it seemed so intricate. Then I whipped out the next playing card and sketched for real.
“Two girls playing a game known as ephedrismos”; late 4th–3rd century B.C.
Greek, Corinthian; Terracotta;

From the Met’s website: “This terracotta group depicts two young girls playing ephedrismos. …the game involves throwing balls or pebbles at a stone in an attempt to overturn it. The player who fails to do so is blindfolded and must run to touch the stone while carrying the winner on her back. Here the little girl carries her companion but does not have her eyes covered. Both young girls are dressed in chitons and have red curly hair. The rider, the obvious winner, wears a stephanos, or crown; the carrier wears a thick floral wreath.”

#23 A detail from the cover of “The Expressionists”, Wolf-Dieter Dube. This is a detail of the painting by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, “Self Portrait with Model”, 1910. A few days before drawing this I did a iPad sketch and painting of the whole thing (except the easel held in his hand at the left edge of the book cover because I didn’t realize what it was until I was finished – thought it was just a schmear of expressionistic paint.)

#24 This is me drawing the reflection of my hand as it is drawing. Not so easy.

It kept moving.

Drawn from direct observation. EDiJuly=Every Day in July, Playing Cards, acrylic painted background, Sharpie Ultra Fine, Fine and/or Medium pens; Pitt Brush Pens; commercial alphabet and number stamps.