The model was a mucho muscular, very friendly fellow yesterday. He started the one and two minute poses with typical Muscle Man Magazine poses but fortunately the educator/facilitator got him to relax for the longer poses.

I get restless during these long poses so I thought I would fool around and draw the negative space around him and then refine (ahem) the drawing.

Then I sketched the same pose, hoping the experience of just drawing it would help. At any rate, doing it a second time, but with a different approach kept the process interesting to me and I made it out the other side of a 20-minute pose unscathed.

He was wearing khaki colored shorts. I Really Dislike using that color in my sketches so I brightened him up a bit.

This was the last pose. It was really fun to be able to stare at his six-pack unabashedly. And his pecs – don’t forget them!

iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus.
Apps Used: Sketch Club and ArtRage .