I was sitting inside the lobby of the Morgan Library & Museum sketching some people. It was 11:01 and my friends were nowhere in sight. How could I make fun of Teri ever again if today it was I who was sitting in the wrong museum? At 11:02 I hear “knock knock” – Benedicte and Shirley were just on the other side of the glass door wondering where I was.

I loved the shapes in this black/white portrait. Maybe it was a study for a painting? I should google it.

After we spent time viewing the portrait drawings and then the Alice in Wonderland drawings, photographs, etc. we headed downtown, picked up lunch to be eaten on the benches and waited for Figure al Fresco to begin. (Yesterday’s blog post takes care of what happened next so hop on back there if you haven’t read it yet.)

iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus.
Apps Used: Sketch Club (#1), Finngr Pro (#2), ArtRage