#1 We were at the Morgan Library and Museum, my friends were examining every detail of every portrait so I sat down, took out a playing card and sketched them. They were nowhere near each other but since their behavior was the same I decided to meld them. They had no idea I was doing this. I guess they do now.

Next we took the subway downtown to the Wednesday Figure al Fresco. The model was the one I can no longer draw – I used to be able to and you all have seen the drawings over the past couple of years – and I was very disappointed. Since the fun for that day’s session was gone, as soon as the 2 minute poses were finished and we were on a break, I bid my friends farewell and walked to the American Indian Museum where I went on a treasure hunt with the July list.

#2 Valdiva Female Figurine; Valdiva, Ecuador, ca. 3500 B.C.; clay, paint. “The ceramics of the Valdiva culture are the oldest known pottery in the Western Hemisphere. … The hair always appears to be flowing down the backs of the figurines…may have kept their hair long as a status symbol or as part of their belief system. This Andean custom continues into the 21st century.” I decided this small statue fit the topic for that area.

#3 Hopi manta; Waalpi, Arizona, ca. 1900-1910; cotton, wool, dye. According to the information card “Hopi weavers were generally men … woven of plain cotton and has bands of embroidery in wool yarn above and below a large, brilliantly colored, embroidered katsina…primarily worn by women in Hopi ceremonies and at social dances.” My drawing is just a small detail.

Drawn from direct observation. Color was added later.
EDiJuly = Every Day In July

Playing card, acrylic painted background; Sharpie Ultra Fine, Fine, Medium pens and/or pencil; Pitt Brush pens – black and colored; Commercial number and alphabet stamps.