#28 There is a shoe shine place in Penn Station. I found a spot against a wall next to Hot & Crusty with a view, beyond the scurrying commuters, of the inside of the shop and sketched.

#29 I was at MOMA to see the Jacob Lawrence exhibit and afterwards spotted these vacationers (a/k/a tourists) so I rested for awhile opposite them.

#30 From day 1, June 1, I knew I was going to sketch something in the Met’s Medieval galleries for the last day’s prompt. I had limited time so I rushed around looking here and there but knew, when I spotted it, that this was what I wanted to copy. Saint Dominic, Workshop of Giotto di Bondone, Italian (1266). Painted about 1329-32 in Naples, Italy.

I had a lot of fun this month treating The List as if it were a treasure hunt and not stressing at all. Plus, I have a unique set of playing cards.

Drawn from direct observation.
EDiJ = Every Day in June
Playing Card, acrylic painted background; sketches on various papers collaged to card; Pitt Brush Pens – black and colored. Commercial number and alphabet stamps.