I discovered something interesting while working on #25. I drew the image on a Dunkin’ receipt and all the text disappeared when I added matte medium in order to collage it to the card.

#26, my trusty night light, used when the power goes off during storms or “just because”, lives in the bathroom and I know where to find it in the dark. The batteries are probably dead since I have graduated to rechargeable night lights but I am sentimentally attached to the little yellow one.

#27 Something You Collect. I like to carve stamps out of erasers from Blick and make simple or complex multicolored stamps out of fun foam. They range from one occasion only images and “any time at all” use.

Drawn from direct observation.
EDiJ = Every Day in June
Playing Card, acrylic painted background; sketches on various papers collaged to card; Pitt Brush Pens – black and colored. Commercial number and alphabet stamps.