It was crowded in the public space so I leaned against a wall as I drew the elephant, (see yesterday’s blog), since lunch hour seemed to be in full swing. After I finished I started to walk through to 51st Street but noticed the place had emptied out considerably so I figured I would sit for awhile. I had been in MOMA earlier to see the Jacob Lawrence exhibit, did a sketch while there (for The List), and wanted to decide where to go next.

Right in front of me were these three women having lunch and how could I resist.

I didn’t budge. The people came to me.

These two alternately acted like strangers and “very good friends” while being all touchy touchy and intertwined.

They were replaced by one smoker

After another. This one was my favorite but her feet kept moving constantly so I gave up.

The next one was super twitchy. Her thumb flick flick flicked the cigarette and her feet also did a constant dance.

There was no way I could ignore a perfectly situated red headed guy in a green shirt.

iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus.
Apps Used: Finngr Pro and ArtRage