Everyday In May just finished and I seem to be jumping into Every Day In June. I decided that I was going to make simple drawings on miscellaneous bits of paper and collage them onto playing cards that have been prepared with an acrylic background. They will be shown in groupings of three since that is how I will scan them.

#1 is me in my car visor mirror.
#2 is a painted turtle (cement) in a little “park” area next to Carvel in one of the strip malls nearby. Kids climb all over it.
#3 is what is attached to my ears when I walk or when the lunchroom is too noisy while I try to read.

Drawn from direct observation.
EDiJ = Every Day in June
Playing Card, acrylic painted background; sketches on various papers collaged to card; Pitt Brush Pens – black and colored. Commercial number and alphabet stamps.