On Sunday morning we all met up at The Ferry Building, had coffee and pastry and then split up for about an hour’s worth of sketching. I managed to fill up two journal spreads before we were scheduled to have lunch in a Mexican restaurant (of course I didn’t pay one iota of attention to the name of it) that had a very good and very loud band. This turned out to be a day of many meals. Burp.

At the appointed time we gathered at Alley Cat Books for the reception in the gallery where many of our JKPP portraits were on display. Julia arranged this exhibition, matted, framed and hung the artwork. We were all very impressed at how wonderful everything looked and how large the turnout was. There was much mingling, even I mingled and schmoozed! Jarrett was in a corner demonstrating to and teaching a rapt audience about a few of the art apps he uses on his iPad. There were cookies. Burp.

Philip is always willing to sit still and let anyone and everyone draw his portrait.

After the reception Julia took us on a tour of all the murals in the Mission District. Dinner time came and found us having Chinese food in a restaurant with an Indian name. More burping.

Oh. On the way to the Bart subway we stopped for ice cream. Buurrrppppp.

iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus.
Apps Used: Finngr Pro and ArtRage