A couple of hours on Saturday morning was spent outdoors in Yerba Buena Gardens where we ate our take-out lunch/brunch and sketched.

Then we all spent five hours in a studio space Julia had arranged. Sketching each other until exhaustion set in. There were even Skype sessions with JKPP members in England and Australia.

Six of us mustered up enough energy to get a pizza and salad dinner at the restaurant next to the hotel and then four of us went for a short, brisk-ish 20 minute walk.

It sure is more difficult drawing portraits of the actual, living, breathing person right in front of you.

We started out in small groups, but, without any plan, everyone drifted into one large group sketching the same model.

Sometimes the room was silent and the concentration über intense.

Mostly, though, there was so much laughing and talking – loads of information and hints shared.

Oksana’s daughter sketched and also sat for a couple of ten minute poses.

Earlier in the day we spotted this Garden Gnome in the Yerba Buena Gardens sitting with his back to a large tree, sketchbook and pen in hand. Now he is perched on a high stool.

Australia. This artist sketched some of us and a few sketched her. Before this we were somewhere in Britain.

Phew. Then I discovered that there was a table filled with all sorts of snacks (thank you Jenny). Even though I was exhausted I managed to pass that table many many times.

I still have more drawings from this day, some will be coming tomorrow and some have to wait until I scan them. Stay tuned.

iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus.
Apps Used: Finngr Pro, Sketch Club, ArtRage