(This is a continuation from yesterday’s post.)

All of a sudden, when the workspace and tables were all cleaned off, the stage set panels, (see my MOMA 7), dropped down from above in all their glory. They were hanging off of the mezzanine railing. We couldn’t help but smile, remembering how much fun we had that day, and pointed out our contributions to anyone who would listen.

That evening, last Friday, the 9th, was the end of the MOMA Studio: Beyond The Cutout, and a party was starting. We were pleasantly surprised to see that the space had filled up – was crowded. Food (Ken baked a bread and made a spread that everyone scoffed up in the blink of an eye), wine, beer and a Cutout Competition. The judges consisted of the Conservator, Curator and an artist. Everyone registered and was given a large brown backing board with a number. Then we chose three gouache-painted papers and two construction papers. We were handed scissors and glue stick and given 30 minutes to cut away á la Matisse. I was taking big bites out of a slice of Ken’s bread while I cut.

The judges walked around while everyone was working, making mysterious notes on a paper and whispering to each other. When time was up we relinquished our tools and were given pencils and told to walk around and mark the ones we liked. The judges went into another room to deliberate and soon we were all called together to learn who the winners were.

I had to scan mine in two parts and then assemble it in Photoshop Elements.



I won “People’s Choice Award” and now have Very Sharp and Very Long scissors and a box of Matisse band aids. I thought I would show you the scissors I’ve been carrying around with me and using on all the little books.

And that is The End of MOMA Studio and The Beginning of Heavy-duty Withdrawal.

Collage of cut papers, glue stick.