It’s a little book but not a Little Book. Even though MOMA supplied Everything we would need I carried around a little baggie filled with my tools: scissors, glue stick, tweezers, double-sided tape and a rubber banded stack of the kind of stiff credit card sized “cards” that come in junk mail. You know, the kind AARP and some stores send for sales events, hotel, key cards and expired membership cards. I save the cards and give them a coat of acrylic paint and wait for the day the idea strikes.

That’s what happened during the last hours of the last day of MOMA Studio. My hand, of its own volition, took out the stack of cards and the rejected Little Book printouts, combined them, grabbed a hole puncher from some teeny tiny kid making his own book, remembered that I had a “circle thingy” attached to my backpack to carry things like a wet umbrella or a plastic bag filled with cookies – important stuff – and another book was born.

There is no official first page. Whatever takes my fancy at the time.


Then it was 5:15 and we had to HURRY HURRY HURRY pack up all our things, clean up our mess. I’ll tell you why tomorrow.

Process: Cut out elements from various papers with x-acto blade and/or scissors. Either: Assemble parts on MoMa Studio’s copier, print. Rearrange/add elements, print. Or: glue down all the bits and pieces.