On December 3 we all met in Penn Station and walked to Chelsea. Pace Gallery there was also showing Picasso and Jacqueline artwork – more paintings and some prints. Pace may not allow you to pee (no public restrooms) but they are very relaxed about sketching and let you do your thing no matter how long it takes.

I really forget the order of what we did that day. I think we stopped in a couple small galleries on the way to Pace (Sigmar Polke drawings and photos and a textile show). Then Pace. I think that’s when we got hungry so we ate at New York Burger Co. which I discovered with the NYC Urban Sketchers some weeks ago. Good veggie burger and sweet potato fries. We stuffed ourselves and then walked a few blocks south to Gagosian Gallery where there was another large Picasso exhibition. A very good one. Now, this gallery is not in any way relaxed about sketching. Nope. Shirley got busted for writing a note on a scrap of paper. No pencils or anything allowed. We had to check our bags before entering. I carried iPat cause she doesn’t like strange closets. So we enjoyed the exhibition but were extremely frustrated because there were SO MANY images we wanted to sketch and so many ideas were being generated but no way to remember anything.

Time to leave, and while the gallery person is getting our bags, Benedicte asks why the no pencil rule. Seems the donors of the artwork requested that no pens, pencils, etc be near the art. Ok. Makes sense now, I guess. So I ask – what about iPat and a stylus? Sure, that’s ok. So I ran back inside, told one of the 700 guards that it was ok for me to sketch and after he checked with another gallery person I quickly drew her and wrote the title. Phew.

Shirley left us and Benedicte and I went into a couple of smaller galleries and then walked to City Quilter where they have a (the only?) gallery in NYC to show art quilts. Then we walked back uptown and I peeled off at Penn Station and she kept going to Grand Central.

We chalked up a lot of mileage and it was mostly raining on us but I don’t think we even noticed.

Two more days remaining. Stay tuned.

iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus.
Apps Used: Finngr Pro and ArtRage .
Image #1 was totally completed in the gallery.
Image #2 was sketched from direct observation but I googled the image later at home and referred to it for color. The lighting in the gallery was not conducive for me to see the color and I really couldn’t remember. I think the low res google image color is off but…