After drawing the People of Penn Station (previous blog) I joined a whole bunch of other artists for this:

From the MOMA Studio website:

“Staging the City with Cut-Outs

Artist Sarah Crowner references Matisse’s work on set design by creating a large-scale, boldly colored curtain. In a daylong, interactive workshop, participants are invited to consider their surroundings and make cut-outs that reflect the geometry of New York City’s rich urban setting. The curtain is brought to life as a dynamic backdrop that integrates the individual cut-outs into a single decorative composition, unveiled at the end of the workshop as participants parade their collective design through the space.”

I have a tiny little video of it on its way up the stairs to be hung off of the balcony railing for a short while but I seem to have been unsuccessful in figuring out how to stick it on here.   The participants made cutouts representing our surroundings (midtown) just as Matisse represented his experiences and memories with cutouts. We were using a black fabric with, I think, bondaweb (?) on the reverse. These forms were then ironed onto the curtain.



Another section


Probably pushing my luck but this shows the first bits I added on the bottom – see the Coroner’s van?

Do I need to tell you how much fun this was? People wandered in and wandered out. Old folks and little kids. Smiles all over the place.

But, stay tuned. This was just the middle part of the day. There was still more happening on the 21st floor of the Empire State Building.