One day last week I was concentrating mightily on something, trying very unsuccessfully to keep my mind from wandering, when the lightbulb that hangs out over all of our heads finally decided to turn on above mine.

And then it was time to go out and get my extra large Dunkin’ and a couple of oranges at the little place next door. Hmm. Look at those pears. Back home, fully caffeinated after lunch, I lined up all the fresh food (I had eaten one of the oranges at lunch) in my house (don’t judge me) on the boardonironingboard studio annex and made a book from start to finish completely on iPat using finicky Finngr Pro and my printer. I even set the timer. Why? Well I had worked it all out in my head and had a sneaking suspicion it wouldn’t take very long. Forty-six minutes from stylus on screen to first printing to see if the layout actually worked. Cool, huh? iPad bookmaking – two of my favorite things in one package.

I had to tweak the center line a bit but now I have a template for that living in Camera Roll that I can use in Finngr Pro for placement. And. And. And. It worked on the next two books I drew.

Then the lightbulb turned off. I didn’t realize until later that I misnamed the poor pears that were by then living in a paper bag. D’Anjou NOT Bosc. Phooey.

The next day iPat bookmaking got adventurous.
Stay tuned.

iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus.
Apps Used: Finngr Pro for complete drawing/painting from life.
Saved to camera roll, imported into ArtRage for paper texture and to extend the black border all the way to the edges. Finngr Pro images are a bit smaller than the ArrRage canvas.  I also added a “collaged” layer of text for a bit of pizzazz.   Printed directly from ArtRage = full size print. I removed the white border of the print and folded/cut the book.