This is still last Wednesday and there was a paper making workshop at MOMA Studio run by Dieu Donné. I made two sheets of cotton fiber paper and used colored pulp with stencils and collaged linen fabric during the making of the paper. It was a lot of fun and I ended up with two very very very ugly pieces of handmade paper.

Moving on.

In the remaining time I futzed and floundered around for a bit until I got my mojo back. I ended up pleased with the effort.

Book: City People #1. I seem to be on a bookmaking jag.

People tell me that these little books are journals. Well, yeah. I’ve spent time staring at these people as I sketch them and try to figure out how to turn them into cut outs. I remember where we were when I chose them as guinea pigs.

Process: Cut out elements from various papers with x-acto blade and/or scissors. Either: Assemble parts on MoMa Studio’s copier, print. Rearrange/add elements, print. Or: glue down all the bits and pieces.