When I arrived at MOMA Studio last Friday all the tables were crowded with small children. I found a place for myself with a group of teenagers from a school in Westchester. There were scraps of paper on the table when they departed and one, the “arch” called to me. My initial intention was to use my paper bag drawing a bit differently. I had plans that went awry right from the start. Whew. Ugly.

Still, I was determined to reference the Penn Station drawings somehow. Earlier, while having lunch and coffee in the train station I had sketched various diners on a napkin with the idea of using them as cut outs.

And then THIS appeared as if by magic:

Next I sliced it in half and fiddled around and came up with THIS.

Below is my gridded notebook page with the napkin bits glued down. I let iPat loose on it. No controlling her.

Here is the before page just in case you are super eager to see what I usually start with. These were drawn from direct observation of real people but I let my wacky eye see them.

#1&2: Cut out elements from various papers with x-acto blade and/or scissors. Either: Assemble parts on MoMa Studio’s copier, print. Rearrange/add elements, print. Or: glue down all the bits and pieces.

#3&4: Pitt Brush Pen, sketched on a paper napkin which was glued in my gridded notebook, photographed using iPad and then imported into ArtRage for color. iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus.