When I don’t get to the railroad parking lot before a certain time I can either drive a few blocks away and look for a right-side-of-the-street parking spot or feed the meter with mucho quarters, if I have them. I don’t want to park blocks away because, even though I’m a walker and will be walking to MOMA from Penn Station and then back again, at the end of a day there I am seriously tired.

As a result I decided to stop at Dunkin’ too early, pick up a coffee and multigrain bagel, get a spot in the lot and while away the time until the first off-peak train arrived by eating breakfast, reading and maybe come up with ideas. I bundled up the food garbage in a Dunkin’ paper bag and was about to toss it in the trash when I, who knows where these ideas come from, decided to keep the bag. I eased open all the glued edges while I walked on the train platform and folded it into the pages for another book, put it in my purse and forgot about it.

That is, until I was in Penn Station where I stood against a wall and sketched all the people watching the big schedule board above my head while the National Guard kept an eye on me.

This is a very long piece (16″ long, I think) which was scanned in two sections. Only half of the bag is finished but I will be carrying it everywhere just in case.

It was pouring rain that morning so I took a subway up to MOMA instead of walking.

There was a special free workshop, designed and led by the artist Elaine Reichek, at MOMA Studio and I had a reservation for Shirley, Teri and me. Judy and a woman from Figure al Fresco also had tickets and Ken was able to snag one at the last minute. The workshop had to do with Matisse’s textiles. Everyone (25 of us) were given tickets for immediate entry into the exhibition in order to see examples of his textile work and for a brief talk in one of the galleries. Downstairs again we were given access to felt, fabric, sewing implements, idea prompts and even an instruction sheet showing how to put together useful items like an iPad cover, etc. The aim was to make something inspired by the cut out exhibition. I referred to one of my Union Square figures from the previous day. What fun!

#1&2: Wrinkled, raggedy paper bag, dying Pitt Brush pen, lines gone over with healthy Tombow pen.

#3: felt, linen, embroidery floss, scissors, needle. The green bits of felt were leftovers from Teri’s project. I coveted that green.