Last Friday, after walking down to Chelsea in order to see the Hockney iPad paintings, I took a bus uptown to 53rd Street, stopped for some lunch and at 1:00 went to “MoMA Studio: Beyond The Cut Outs” in the Education and Research Building.

Now, I had some ideas but wasn’t really sure if they would work. I ate lunch in a deli that, unusually, contained a lot of tables. It soon filled up with construction and office workers on their lunch hour break. I sketched a few of the people with a “cut out” in mind. The green/blue guy on the left was sitting at a table to my right.

The black/red couple sat in front of me. Um. The legs are imaginary.

When I got myself settled at MOMA Studio, walked around procrastinating and after checking out the “situation” I redrew the figures and cut them out with an x-acto blade.

Later though I surprised myself. There was a lady sitting at another table using fabric as her collage medium. Hmm. I picked up a piece of blue paper, my scissors and, eyeballing her as if I were drawing a contour line, was able to cut out her figure and then a couple of stools. Below you can see I used both the positive and negative shapes.

The fellow below, on the left) was one of a group of teenagers who dropped in, played around with paper, scissors, glue and then left. He was wearing a hoodie.

It wasn’t crowded so I felt comfortable assembling the collages right on the copier. On busier days when this would be “piggy” and selfish I will just temporarily adhere the various elements with a little dab of glue stick, copy and quickly unstick them and rearrange things back at my work area.

I like how the copies make all the parts appear more coherent. I prefer it.
These copies are part of a plan but it is early days still and I’m curious to see what will transpire.

Just now, as I finished writing this blog post, I realized that I had journaled my day with paper and scissors. I didn’t even consider this. Cool.

Process: Cut out elements from various papers with x-acto blade and/or scissors. Either: Assemble parts on MoMa Studio’s copier, print. Rearrange/add elements, print. Or: glue down all the bits and pieces.