After lunch we all spread out and headed in the direction of Whole Foods (ladies room and free beer samples) and the streets around the canal. It was tough finding shade. The sun seemed to be following the path of all the streets leaving small nooks and crannies of shade. I stood on one small bridge looking toward a turquoise bridge just a block away and sketched the view. A quick sketch and then I had to scurry into some shade down the block to do the painting.

This little oasis of shadow was occupied by a gaggle of sketchers and a plein air oil painter. At one point a woman pushing a stroller with a toddler and infant squeezed in and took refuge for a few moments. The toddler had a notebook and pencil in his hand! All up and down this street and every parallel street were clumps of painters with easels or sketchers huddled on little folding stools in slivers of shade.

At 4:00 everyone converged in Lavender Lake, a really nice neighborhood bar/restaurant. All the shady tables (theme of the day) out back were taken so we stayed inside and had something to drink and nosh on, talked and shared our drawings. And of course, most of us continued to sketch.

I happened to have a piece of charcoal, yes, I did, so I drew Michael in my totally inappropriate notebook. My fingers were black from wiping off his face. Tell me something: I have drawn multi-hundreds of iPad drawings and never once does my palm touch the screen, but, as soon as I pick up a stick of vine charcoal my hand just happily rests on the paper smearing everything. What’s with that?

Just before leaving the bar I did this quickie. Jessica was from the Gowanus Conservancy, a plein air oil painter who stood on the bridge in the sun, uncomplainingly, with her easel and who got us all together for a great day of art making.

And then.  What a lucky person I am.  Susan drove me back to my car again!

Process and Apps Used:
#1,2,5: Pen & Ink, ArtRage
#3,4: Gridded notebook and Pitt Brush Pen (3) and vine charcoal (4), drawings photographed while in the bar using iPad and then imported into ArtRage and painted while sipping my ginger ale.