Raylie and I took the subway to 69th Street and then walked to The Frick Collection (for after hours free admission and sketching) on 70th and Fifth Avenue. The last time, in July, I sketched the sketchers. This time the “Enamel” gallery was also available to sketch in and it was just where I wanted to be.

Time just flew. Pretty soon I was the only person in this gallery. Security had to keep an eye on me and the dozens of sketchers in the other large gallery. He had to sit in the doorway and keep swiveling around.

I used pencil and then surreptitiously went over the lines with a pen. Shhh. At 7:30 Everyone was thrown out – they let me use the ladies room first.

Yikes! I didn’t sketch one Sketcher and I didn’t take out iPat. But she knew I would need her later on.

Gridded notebook, pencil and then Pilot V Ball 0.5 pen, drawings photographed using iPad and then imported into ArtRage for painting at home.
#1&3 – the colors are accurate-ish.
#2 – I couldn’t photograph the artwork so I hastily wrote some color notes but I did alter things because those notes, in places, confused me.

iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus.