I so enjoyed walking along Broadway down to Union Square last week that I did it again. I had time to sketch the fellows who wait for people to play chess with them.

I was there sketching so I wasn’t really paying attention to what was actually going on. Do they just play chess with whoever sits in the other chair? Or is this Chess a money making enterprise. Are they whiling away their time or is it a job?

Then onto the subway to Figure al Fresco. You’ve seen this guy before. He has a set routine to his poses.

I used Zen Brush for these two drawings. I like using it BUT the trash barrel is right next to the little arrow that will send and save the drawing to the camera roll. Guess which button I pushed by mistake after I finished the most perfect rendition of his long pose? Poof. There is no redemption in Zen Brush.

Oh well. I had to leave early and head uptown for the evening. Stay tuned.

iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus.
#1&2 – Gridded notebook, Pilot V Ball pen(1) and Pitt Brush Pen (2), drawings photographed using iPad and then imported into ArtRage.
#3&4 – Apps Used: Zen Brush, ArtRage .