After lunch I sketched a guy sitting on the big swath of lawn. Really, the lawn area is huge.

This guy was studying studying studying. Memorizing. So intense. Still, he kept glancing at Benedicte, who was in the zone for hours, as she painted the view of the skyscrapers looming over the library.

Lookit this one. A scribble turned out to be my fav of the day.

I took a stroll around the park perimeter and settled on this fellow who was actually sitting with another guy who absolutely refused to be sketched. Not his fault, entirely mine.

The buildings behind him.

Next a quickie while everyone was saying goodbye and all the last minute chit chat. Then I hoofed it back down to Penn Station.

iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus.
Apps Used: ArtRage, Sketji, Pen & Ink, Zen Brush, Sketch Club.