This time Shirley and I left Figure al Fresco at 4:30, took the subway to 28th Street, ate a dinner of breakfast (see how nicely we all get along?) and arrived at Center for Book Arts a bit early. Benedicte had, ahem, a party to attend at the same time and she chose booze over zine making. Shirley wasn’t at the first session of the free zine workshop but we got her up to speed quickly and she arrived with her zine just needing to be folded and pamphlet sewn.

The number of attendees for this second session was drastically reduced from last week. It is my assumption that only the people with ideas, time and motivation to prepare them into a zine actually showed up.

The zine I made is a one page booklet so I spent the time folding and cutting. A few of the others were making pamphlets. We all helped with the one hole binding of one of the attendees so she was able to leave with a finished zine.

This is mine.


I have a lot of copies, and, If you can figure out how to get your address to me will happily mail one to you.

iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus.
Apps Used: Pen & Ink and ArtRage