A couple/few/many (?) months ago I was surprised to find a magazine in the mail. It was a complementary copy of a new publication, Digital Inspiration , which contained a reprint of an article of mine that appeared in Somerset Digital Studio (Spring 2010). Pre-iPat.

I used a photo of my groceries and worked in ArtRage 2.5 and Photoshop Elements on my Mac with an old Wacom Intuous 2 tablet. It brought back memories

They did mix up the titles of the pieces though. Sigh.

I wish wish wish the ArtRage app had the ability to make stencils. Boy oh boy was I in 7th Heaven with the stencil feature. No. Probably 8th Heaven.

Of course, with iPat, I’m in continuous 10th Heaven all the time and the Wacom is nicely wrapped in a plastic bag inside a cupboard.

By the way, (I’m sure I blogged this at the time but one must be allowed to “toot one’s own horn now and then”), in Spring 2012, Somerset Digital Studio ran an iPad article of mine in which I described the way I used Sketch Club. Just tootin’.

(The magazine pages were way larger than my scanner bed so things have been cropped and cut off. Sorry.)