On Sunday morning I met up with the NYC Urban Sketchers in Coney Island. This sketch outing was organized by Marie Roberts whose family arrived in the there in the late 1800’s (!!). There was nothing she did not know about the area and the amusement park’s history. Fascinating.

Marie let us into the Museum a bit before opening time so that we could sketch from the displays of old-time amusement park items. Unfortunately, some of us had very vivid memories of quite a few of these items. The bumper cars sure rang a bell for me.

I can’t help it – I like to draw the sketchers. Julie, who gets electrocuted later on – stay tuned, and Jim.

Two more of us.

We went outside and sat at some tables under the Wonder Wheel and sketched. psst. That’s a snippet of Marie.

After sketching this guy sitting in front of a shooting gallery
I rode high up on Deno’s Wonder Wheel and then took a startling ride through Spook-A-Rama. I might have let loose with a scream or two.

Next stop was the carousel.


And more sketchers. Well, they were sketching until I stood between them and the horses.

Tomorrow I’m going to bite the bullet and show you all some pretty horrible sketches. Bet you’re all excited now. Something to look forward to.

iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus.

Pen & Ink, ArtRage and Finngr Pro (carousel horses) apps.

View from Wonder Wheel: