Except for my second cup of coffee late in the afternoon at “MY” cafĂ©, the drawings are pretty explanatory.

Breakfast before heading to the Hotel Colon across from the Cathedral.

Sitting with Laurie in the lobby waiting for Gwen and Phil to arrive.

A repeat visit to this museum and lots of sketching in the journal and this iPad one here. A total of six very ancient statues. Something really cool FYI – save your ticket stub – they let you in for a second visit within six months for free. Lunch was in the outdoor restaurant attached to the museum.

I opted to go with Gwen to the indoor venue of the book festival today and tomorrow. The directions/location were a bit obscure. I checked out the artists for a little while and then went for a walk. I discovered the place was only a couple of blocks from Port Vell and not very far from the Columbus Monument. I’m clocking up millions of miles but in reality things are not very far from other things in the Old City, it’s just all the walking around in circles I seem to do several times a day. I ended up taking the Super Long Route to the Cathedral area and an afternoon coffee. At 4pm I took part in a workshop at the book festival. Laurie has perfected Lino/relief printing using old credit card machines that she modifies. We were a class of 15 artists having a fine time cutting small linoleum blocks and then printing them. We had a mixture of languages: English, Catalan, Spanish, Italian and for 4 hours everything went super smoothly.

It’s 11:30 pm here right now. I draw in my sketchbook when I’m out and about and then add the pizzazz in the night. I usually start to fall asleep when I’m at the last stage – the “white pen step” – and the pen slips on the page when I nod off. This is invariably occurs between 12:30 – 1:00 am. I try to fight it but I lose.

Tomorrow there might be a Sketchcrawl. I’m waiting for the time and place to be announced via Facebook message. Hope so. Fingers crossed. Cross your fingers also please.

iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus.
Pen & Ink app.