Yesterday, Tuesday, was a museum day topped off with a dinner that lasted until 12:15 am this morning.

Gwen, Phil, Ann and I walked down La Ramble, hooked a right, did more walking and found the cable car that whisked us up to Montjuic and more walking.

Fundació Joan Miró was the first stop. So much to see in this wonderful museum. We also ate lunch there.



We then walked further up Montjuic, and after a bit of clay gathering by Gwen, and confusion by all of us, we finally found Museu Nacional D’Art de Catalunya which turned out to be quite an imposing edifice. It even has a cascading waterfall. Unfortunately the modern art wing was closed for a few months but there was plenty to look at.


Instead of taking a cab back to our part of Old Town, Gwen and I opted to walk. Phew. Screaming dogs. At 7pm there was a Round Table for the book festival organized by Elisa Pellicani. About 30(?) book artists showed up speaking all sorts of languages. I sat and did a drawing in my journal and clapped when everyone else did. Then twelve (a fluid number as it turned out) of us walked into the Ravel area and had a seafood feast in a tiny 75 year-in-business restaurant that ended a few hours ago this morning.

The whole city will be celebrating St. George today with books and roses. Biggest holiday in Catalania. Bigger than Christmas.

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