Continuation of Saturday:
There turned out to be no Sardana dancing outside the Cathedral. Elisa and two of her friends met up with us in the area and she showed us the small plaza where the book festival tables will be set up and then we all went for dinner at Bodega la Palma then to the Easter vigil mass at Sant Maria del Mar which ended at midnight. There I was, rain starting, dashing through the after midnight dark narrow streets by myself. Everybody else in Barcelona was also out so I really wasn’t alone. Slept like a log.

It Sunday. Because it rained we changed our plans which involved a cable car and mucho walking and instead headed over to Museu Frederic Marès where we spent a couple of hours before and after lunch. Gwen and I walked around scoping out an appointment location and then back to Ann’s apartment.

All the labels beside the art are in Catalan.

iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus.
Pen & Ink app.