This is a continuation of Thursday late afternoon. I’m really starting to get confused as to what day it is and where I’ve been. Gotta start taking GOOD notes in my little notebook.

> We left the apartment at a little before 5 to meet/meet up with Elisa Pellicani who was taking us to Instituto Italiano di Cultura for the inauguration of the VII Artist’s Book Festival 2014 which will take place several days next week and then travel around Europe. I’m a little confused because everything is in Italian and Spanish and even Catalan and I get lost and daydream. Anyway the inauguration turned out to be wonderful. Last years books were displayed all over the Institute – on shelves, under glass domes, on walls. There were cotton gloves available so the books could be handled. Many people came, long speeches were spoken but not in English and wine appeared. Before it started I sat on a chair against the wall and worked on a journal spread I had started while in the street waiting for Elisa. A woman Pia Wortham, came up to me and asked if I spoke English and was I Gwen. Well, we started talking – she’s from Texas and now lives in Barcelona. I introduced her to Gwen and later when the speeches were occurring she translated from the three languages for me.

We went out to dinner – 7 of us – including Elisa, Pia and her daughter Pia, at Trotamundo Tapas. Dinner started about 9:30 and ended close to 11pm. We walked to Placa Catalunya and then the two Pias and I walked to my hotel through the dark streets. They lived just a few blocks further. I was happy for the company because I wasn’t sure what or who I would run into in the narrow streets at that time of night. What I would have run into were people returning from dinner, just as I was.

This morning, Friday, I got up early and walked towards the apartment just after dawn. I stopped for some coffee and food (not going to tell you where but it was the only place open) and then rang the doorbell at a few minutes after 8:30 am. We discovered that the Picasso Museum has started opening earlier and it is not in the tourist guides yet and the best time to get there is at 9:00 when it will not be crowded yet.

So that’s what we did. We each bought an Articket BCN which gives us entry to 6 museums and a big discount. Yikes! I’M A DREADED TOURIST! The museum has his early art – things I’ve never seen before. It also has exhibits of art by other artists who were inspired by him. Some were Jasper Johns, Basquiat and Warhol. There was a gallery of art by south Asians who were inspired by Guernica and another of Africans who riffed on D’moiselles d’artigan (I’m too lazy to look up the spelling but you all know which painting I’m referring to). I managed to do several drawings into a journal spread. Gwen and Ann went into the cathedral to find out about vigil times and to light some candles while Phil and I sat on the cathedral “stoop” and listened to street musicians.. Then it was lunch at Taller de Tapas and back to the apartment for a time-out. The museum wore us out.

Have no idea what’s happening next but something special awaits us for tomorrow.

That’s it for now. Weather is perfect. Stay tuned.

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