At the Center for Book Arts on W27th Street I joined Shirley, Benedicte and Judy for two 3 hour workshops. The center was celebrating Chapbooks and offered these two workshops for $20 each. Of course we jumped on this opportunity with much glee. The morning workshop was Chapbook Printing where we were briefly taught letterpress printing and each of us composed a line or two of type, set it up in the press and printed it out. After I finished I had time to “observe” my friend setting type for her second turn at the press.

My first line of type had a faulty letter so I replaced it and added another line. I really only have one thing on my mind.

Here’s the Vandercook proofing press we used.

At 1:00 there was an hour break for lunch. Benedicte and I went out to get coffee and some take-out on Sixth Avenue and then we moved our stuff to the bookbinding area of the center, ate and whiled away the time until the next workshop started.

The instructor for this class, Susan Mills, was a hoot. She had us bind two books – a case bound pamphlet on which we heat embossed a gold title on the cover and a simple pamphlet which consisted of pages torn from a large sheet of paper on which we painted a large word (Guess what my word was. Remember – only one thing on my mind) which we later ripped down into a signature for a pamphlet. In order for us to complete these two books, which we worked on simultaneously, she had us gathering in the front, going back to our work stations, running into the other room, gathering in the front, back to the other room………Whew! Loads of fun.

iPad; Pen & Ink and ArtRage apps; New Trent Arcadia stylus.