I had an early ophthalmologist appointment in the city yesterday. Eyes fully dilated and sun-glassed I walked towards MoMA along Madison Avenue. Well, I got sidetracked when I spotted the IBM building on 57th Street. “Hmm. I wonder where the atrium is?” I murmured to myself as I peeked into the building entrance and saw security and barriers. I walked along Madison Avenue towards 56th Street, glanced to my right and saw a door with “Public Access” stenciled on the glass. “Ah ha! Found it.”

I bought a coffee and two teeny tiny cookies ($1.00 for 2), selected a table and took out iPat.

You know, I had a bit of trouble sketching. My eyes were Mucho Blurry and for some reason I was stupid about the positioning of the iPad (in my lap leaning against the edge of the table) which resulted in a steep angle which, in turn, thwarted my trusty stylus in its attempts to tap buttons. My stylus ALWAYS behaves properly but I just did not catch on to what was wrong. Duh.

Many of the tables appeared to be the headquarters for very important meetings of lawyer-looking types. Suits, ties, shined shoes. Ernest discussions.

Ugh. I had too much coffee. Resumed my walk to MoMA.

iPad; Pen & Ink and ArtRage apps; New Trent Arcadia stylus.


NYC is very intense. Here and there it lets off some steam.