Part 1.

On Saturday, (yesterday), the NYC Urban Sketchers had a Totally Full Day planned. Literally. Mark (responsible for this schedule) and I were the only ones who completed the whole day. For each venue we would gain and lose sketchers. The official day was to be from 9:30 am until 8:00 pm but when you figure in the travel time to get into and out of the city it was, for me, sixteen (16!!!) hours of here, there and everywhere sketching. It was probably the same for Mark. Phew. I was seriously concerned about keeping up but it turned out not to be an issue since it was such a fun and stimulating day.

First stop was Spring Street Studio in Soho. Three hours of figure drawing with a fantastic model that just flew by. I brought a notebook and some vine charcoal for the one and two minute poses and then, a bit self-consciously, took out iPat. This is a Very Serious Figure Drawing (7 days a week, day and night) Studio. I needn’t have been concerned – no one was paying any attention to me except for one or two people who were interested in the iPad.

These are just a few.

I did too many.

A couple of the sketchers catty corner to where I was sitting (right in front of the model – early birds get the good seats).

Mark and I had lunch at Spring Street Natural right on the corner before we headed to the next Sketching Spot.

Stay tuned.

iPad, New Trent Arcadia stylus.
1,2= Sketchbook Ink
3= Sketch Club
4,5= Finngr Pro