I had a list of things to take care of on Sunday morning and successfully completed #’s 1,2,3 but on the drive to take care of #4 I sensed something was wrong. I pulled into a parking space in one of the small strip malls by my house and walked around the car. Yep. Flat tire. I weighed my options and decided to enter B&G Deli, told the counter man that I had a flat and did he have a phone book so I could check if the tire place was open. He went in the back and came out with our local Yellow Pages which I took up front to where there are a couple of tall tables. Out of the corner of my ear I heard conversations starting up among the customers in the rear of the store about various car mishaps/breakdowns that they had. Next thing I knew the deli owner was at my side telling me he was just going out for his boots and he will change my tire.

“But it’s so cold out”, I told him.
“Do you have everything I need in the trunk?”
“Yes, but….”
“Just get a coffee and sit down. I want to change the tire.”

And that’s what the Angel disguised as a Green Aproned Deli Man did. Lickety Split. In the snow. Not a single problem. Plus, he had lots of good conversations with everyone who stopped to watch.

Turned out that the tire was attacked by a nail and could be repaired.

iPad; Sketch Club (referred to a photo I took through the deli front door as I sat and had a coffee), ArtRage, Glaze (I had to snazz it up a bit – the drawing/painting looked a bit insipid – referring to a photo makes things a bit stiff-looking sometimes); New Trent Arcadia stylus.
And he deserves the commercial and shout-out because there was no reason at all why he should have helped me – obviously an Angel.