Last Wednesday, the 18th, I sat in a bus shelter on 57th Street and waited for Benedicte and Shirley. A week or so before a vehicle slammed into one of these shelters. That thought passed through my head, I studied the traffic pattern and kept sitting.

Our first stop was Pace Galleries and the Dubuffet exhibit. The drawings were wonderful and we each lingered to sketch details (um, I made up most of the details in my drawing). Sketching was permitted. Pat Stier monotypes were up one floor, Rauschenberg photographs were on another and marvelous African sculptures were on another. All Pace Galleries. And you know what we were told a couple of times? “There are no restrooms for the public.” Nice, right? One gallery person directed us to the IBM building or another gallery across the street. Peeing was Not Permitted. For The Public.

We headed across the street to Alexandre Gallery, 41 E 57th, where there was a mishmash of paintings. Two Marsden Hartley’s that I (gasp) didn’t care for and others, only one that made the visit worthwhile and which escapes my memory right now. Will Barnet. That’s who. Beautiful.

The bathroom needed a key which was un-hesitantly given to us.

A zillion lithographs, etchings, etc.were at Marlborough Gallery, “Matisse: The Essence of Line Selected Prints: 1900-1950”. Worth a visit.

(I forgot her belly button)

Around 1:00 we took the subway downtown. Benedicte was joining us for Figure al Fresco. To be continued.

iPod Touch; Sketch Club, ArtRage apps; New Trent Arcadia stylus.

ps. When I win Power Ball guess which gallery won’t get a cent of it.