I joined the Julia Kay Portrait Party (JKPP) on Flickr. I started a “discussion”, wallowed in confusion for awhile (still), was led to the various solutions by several helpful others and got my photo and link into that discussion. Lo and Behold! All of a sudden, the next day when I checked in, there were several portraits of me. Wow. Then there were two more. Patricio, who is Really A Bit Awesome, made me smile when I saw what he did to me. He even Glazed me! (A little insider iPad reference.)

After the first three portraits I decided I better get myself in gear and do someone’s portrait. More confusion set in until I discovered, with help, how to find the other artist’s photos. I chose Arturo because he was one of the first to sketch me.

And here it is.

A face with all the parts, drawn by me.

iPad, Sketch Club app, ArtRage for rough background, New Trent Arcadia stylus. Used his photo as a reference only.