By now you all know that I Really Like Figure al Fresco. Really like the whole concept, am amazed that something this much fun exists, is free and open to Everybody and Anybody.

I feel good on the train heading there.

I feel good during. I’m even a tad sociable.

I’m chock full of energy when the two hours are up, catch the M20 and find myself on the High Line walking as if clouds support me.
The Stinking Tourists don’t annoy me one bit – I just float above them.

But. But. But. That’s not the end of the experience. Nope.

I get to spend all the time I want on adding pizzazz-i-fied backgrounds. My face is killing me from all the grinning.

iPad, New Trent Arcadia stylus.
Sketch Club app – drawing, clothing and skin colors; then imported into ArtRage.
Simultaneously I carelessly photographed the one and two minute poses done on newsprint and pencil. The newsprint was folded up and stuck in my purse and not smoothed out.
The newsprint photo was also imported into ArtRage. One layer has the Sketch Club work in “darken” mode which renders the background transparent and the bottom layer has the photo of a shorter pose. The canvas/paper is on the roughest setting. I work on the photo layer using the bucket tool. A couple of other things. Pizzazz results.

I was having too much fun. I’ll spiff up the remaining three drawings tomorrow.