Nope. Gave that up decades ago. They just break your heart. And get bugs.

Boring, thinking out loud stuff follows. Feel free to ignore.
I’m very pleased with myself – I did all 31 drawings – patting myself on the back. Somehow for each one on the list an idea popped into my head. I didn’t expect this Everyday in May to be so so so much fun and not a burden at all. I wanted to draw simply, and started out that way, but eventually reverted back to my style without realizing it. I also remembered how much I enjoyed drawing with the vector tool in Sketch Club. It was so very easy to sketch from life with this tool.

Being that I’m a bit anal I did some, ahem, statistics on my sketch sources. I was surprised that so many were from life. But still, no matter how accurate (or lopsided) my drawing was, imagination kicked in for just about all of them to some extent. Usually I just ignored the real color and went where I was led.

Reference photo (mine): 5
Reference photo (someone else’s) 3
Imagination. 5
Life. 18

Anyway. Loads of fun.
I’m now in everyday sketch withdrawal.

Sketch Club app for the drawing of the “plant”; ArtRage app for everything else; Sensu stylus.