When I saw this topic on the list it flummoxed me for awhile. Lots of things make me laugh. Remember? Yesterday I cracked myself up.

But then, All Of A Sudden, I realized that my friends give me stomach aches from laughing. It strikes suddenly, unexpectedly and while we are supposed to be acting all sophisticated-like.

The text in the drawing is referring to this – a massive back and forth flurry of e-mails. And I do mean Massive Amount.

They make my imagination laugh also.

Sketch Club app, Sensu stylus. I added a background of Japanese paper that is available in SC. Imported finished piece into ArtRage app for more texture only.
I referred to a photo of us that we all love and was making guidelines so that I could correctly draw the placement of our heads and thus everything else. Before I knew it I had quickly finished the sketch using the vector tool and I liked it. Seemed to fit the theme of the day.