I had a Very Hard Time doing this one. In my head was a very clear picture of what I wanted but I couldn’t get it out. I planned and blah blah blah nothing worked. So I CHEATED. YES I DID. I google mapped me and looked at the streets, saw I had all the curves of the neighborhood going in wrong directions and things weren’t as perpendicular or parallel as I thought. That’s when I gave up, traced and simplified the general idea. I deemed it finished but wasn’t happy with it at all.

Then I remembered a map I drew in one of my journals a few years ago. I checked the date and saw that I never put it in the blog. Well, here it is. I remember that this one gave me trouble also. I finally traced the neighborhood map from the local phone book and transferred it into the journal. But when I finished I was very happy because it brought up a lot of odd memories. The palette hasn’t changed it seems, just the media.

ArtRage app, Sensu stylus; journal was drawn with Pitt pen and Crayola markers.