I altered my coffee run today because otherwise you all would be subjected to my tortured rendering of another styrofoam cup. You owe me.

Carvel wasn’t open yet – the plan was to get a Brown Bonnet to sketch, ahem, maybe, prolly a box of them in reality cause I AM AN ICE CREAM PIGGY – so I went, coffee in hand, into the little fruit stand next door and got these. Spared no expense.

Sketch Club app, imported drawing into ArtRage app for tweaking and just plain futzing around; Sensu stylus. In SC I used the vector tool in “fill” mode to draw. It’s hard to be picky picky picky while drawing lines with this tool in this mode = instant wonky and loosens up the sketcher and knocks any expectations of perfection out of the noggin’ and eliminates any disappointment.